Data & inspiration for you to remain customer focused

Organise contact information and get a complete picture about your customers, prospects, and leads. Expand your network and engage your way to win deals.

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Be Updated and Stay Closer

Access information about your contacts. Update new details about them by way of adding quick notes and or attaching documents. Tag contacts and bring them under relevant categories. Assign contacts to a team member. Shoot an email.

Capture Contacts

No piece of information is insignificant. Store and organise everything you know of your existing or potential customers. From source of contact to different avenues of communication. In addition to standard fields (phone, email, etc), you can also create custom fields to enter things like social media accounts.

Retrieval made Simple

Use search to find contacts in no time. And there are a myriad ways to help you access contact information. Go by company, tags, source of contact, date of creation, and so on. Quick retrieval of exact information - that’s the promise of Advanced Filters.

Pick from where you left off

Remember the subject of discussion or content of mail exchanges with your contacts? You can go to the conversation thread, and pick it up from where you left. Plan follow ups, and set email and mobile alerts and always stay on top of your follow-up schedule.

Get down to business, with a few clicks

List of all Contact Management features in a single view. Comes handy, saves time. Carry out everything: accessing or updating contact; adding notes or uploading documents; tracking conversations and scheduling follow-ups, with just a few clicks.

More Awesome Features

RabbitCRM Contact Quick Add

Quick Add

Enables prompt entry of key contact information

RabbitCRM Contact Timeline


Who, when, what, and for how long. History of contacts at a glance

RabbitCRM Contact Customize Fields

Customize Fields

Tame wild varieties of contact information with custom-made fields

RabbitCRM Contact Kanban View

Kanban View

Brings every contact information in a single canvas

RabbitCRM Upload Documents

Upload Documents

Attach documents - one or many - to your contacts

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Add Notes

Track interactions, and add quick notes of your plans or tasks