Achieve Excellence in Managing Deals

Know the progress you make, or the steps you need to take, for closing a deal. View all deals that are in different stages. Engage with prospects, forecast revenue, and strike more deals.

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Add Deals

Got an enquiry? Enter every detail of it: who enquired, products or solutions they are interested in, and any other details about them and their requirements. Add order value, expected date for you to close the deal, and much more.

Quick Launch

A cluster of all deal menus - for you to do more and act now. Create quotes, send email, track conversations or set follow-ups. Time is of essence. Take a plunge into anything you need to do, with the ease of a few tabs or clicks.

Send Email

Don't reinvent the wheel. Compose emails using readymade content templates suitable just for your context. No or minimal typing saves your time. Attach documents from your computer or the CRM. That's effective and prompt communications made easy.

Digitize sales process

When you have a sales process that works for you, set it up for digital transformation. Create a template for it by listing down all the actions it takes for its completion. Create templates for any number of sales processes, and apply the appropriate one for a new deal.

Progress with process

Never lose sight of the process. Raise the chance of winning deals without missing out on any single step involved in the particular sales process. Get percentage of completion of each deal. Instantly know what's next with a deal, and take prompt actions.

More Awesome Features

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Sales Metrics

Get the story of every deal in numbers

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Deals Analytics

Be data driven and use insights and win the smart way

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Deals Age

Group deals going by their age. Bring them to fruitful completion

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Drag and Drop

Change the status of a deal using a simple drag and drop option

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Deal Filters

Find deals you are looking for with advanced filters and tags

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Raise Quote

Add products, give break-ups, and prepare quotes that are complete