Unified View of Entire Spectrum of Product Portfolio

A centralized database for everything your products and services stand for specifications, features, descriptions, and prices. Add, modify, and keep your current portfolio of all saleable items online for easy and ready retrieval or analysis.

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Product Overview

Access every detail about your products and services: name, model number, description, price, applicable taxes, and everything else. View images of all offerings too. A complete snapshot of all items you sell, this feature helps you fulfill the informational needs of your customers effectively.

Add Product

Digitize information about products or services: name, category, features descriptions, model numbers, HSN codes, prices, and tax information. A one-time job that goes a long way in saving your time when you need to quickly create a quote or generate a report for analysis anytime.

Find Products

Advanced filters give you a quick way to find any product or service without much effort or hassles. A robust and effective search engine is at your service. Use keywords like product name, category they belong to, and model numbers to get accurate results.

More Awesome Features

RabbitCRM Product Upload

Add Documents

Keep attaching any number of documents to products

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Customized view

Display products as lists or avail kanban view

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Sort Products

Get product items listed on the order of date of creation or modification

RabbitCRM Contact More Features

Edit Product

Modify details of products and save without hassles

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Categorize Products

Use categories to group similar products for easy retrieval

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Quick Search

Find the exact product you are looking for with keywords