Make Statements with Every Quote

Quotations can enhance a brand’s value, when it is complete with every data and provides answers the customers look for. Add product / service descriptions, give breakup of cost factors, and present delivery timelines. All in full details, and in no time.

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View Quotes

Quickly find quotes using search and advanced filters. View quote details - customer information and product / service descriptions. Edit and revise quotes by changing items or modifying terms. Get a neat PDF preview of quotes. Print or email them.

Add Offerings

Having a wide portfolio of products and services should not make your job of preparing quotations tedious or time consuming. Instantly find items using keyword search, and add them to quotes. Let all information like price and HSN Code appear in your quotes automatically.

Create Quote

Select the customer and choose items of products and services with dropdown menus, and go ahead creating a quote in a few moments. Let the software generate the amount on its own once you specify the quantity, price and discount. Use standard templates for terms & conditions and bank details. Save time. Respond fast.

Quote Filter

Know all about your quotes, and know your past record and future direction of your sales function. Filters help you find quotes by customers, dates or months, age, or even the current stage they are in. Search, an alternative, comes handy to pull out a quote using keywords.

Send Quotes

Email quotes as an attachment - along with any other supportive documents. Or send a follow-up or a courtesy email. Whatever the case, compose a perfect email without having to key in but simply using a suitable template.

More Awesome Features

RabbitCRM Convert To invoices

Convert Quotes

Change quotes into invoices and send them in a jiffy

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Revise Quotes

Modify existing quotes and save them as revised quotes

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Duplicate quotes

Make a copy of a winning quote for the same or new customers

RabbitCRM Contact More Features

Download Quotes

Get your quotes land on your desktop or mobile device from the Cloud

RabbitCRM Easy Customize

Analyse Quotes

Know closed quotes or those in progress and prepare future course of actions

RabbitCRM Extreme Security

Update Quotes

Let your quotes stay in tune with changes in price, terms, and other factors