Electronics Assembly Expertise

We offer you end-to-end manufacturing for electronic components and devices from a single source

PCB Design & Assembly

Being the leaders in PCB Assembly production, we deliver a product that is worth all your appreciation and admiration. Our interests lie in giving you the best of our products with the highest level of safety and efficiency altogether.

Embedded Software

The expertise we possess allows us to develop software for various peripheral devices and modules, customize and improve existing solutions. We handle simple cable assembly and complex wiring harnesses with switches or connectors.

SMT Assembly

With the use of Surface Mount Technology, we have been able to produce circuit boards that are compact but serving the same function. Using SMT, we have quickened the process of surface mount PCB assembly.

Box Build Assembly

Anything from an easy PCBA (Printed circuit board Assembly) housed during a small enclosure to a cupboard housing a posh electromechanical system. Box build assembly involves everything including design, production, and construction.

Epoxy Potting

Our electronic epoxy encapsulant potting compound provides superior protection against water damage and chemical, mechanical, thermal or electrical shock for protecting printed circuit boards and electronic devices.

Laser Marking

We offer advanced laser marking technique for etching, marking and engraving hard material with high speed, superior stability and low volume by automatic process through software.

Coil Winding

Our production facilities have the expertise in manufacture of copper winding wire and it can be customized according to client needs. Our belief in these values has not only made us the leader but also an “industry standard” for winding wires.

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